The Afrosporian - A Poem

The Afrosporian

Stereotypes deliver their own messages;

however, the Afrosporian is unyielding to their enveloping arms,

existing beyond the confines of all prejudice - his existence is his narrative.

Alien to the caricatures of his origins,

deemed as a land where conflict and famine perpetuate

in resonance with the pulse of its people,

the Afrosporian is laden with the wealth of civilization’s heritage;

coronated with the dignity of mankind.

His history is not punctuated solely by the harrowing

ills of a slave-ship or the tyranny of a colony.

Rather, it is one endowed with a mosaic of affluent cultures,

a philosophy that encapsulates the beauty of the human spirit,

one that moves the beating heart of the firmaments.

A true cavalier,

he sails on the trailblazing winds that give flight to his dreams,

finding peace in their turbulence, finding faith in uncertainty.

In this foreign land, he has come, to become;

not just to participate in the peripheral niches of society,

but to be woven into the very fabric of its core.

An exemplar of society’s values and a champion of its conscience,

his being is the new lens through which they see his like.

A global citizen, yet refreshingly African,

his ideals have no loyalty to geography, no racial lineage, whilst traversing all creeds.

Afforded the sanctity of a mother’s love, fortified with the wisdom of a father’s counsel,

the Afrosporian is a radical humanitarian at heart,

a gracious intellectual,

he is an unfolding story with endless possibilities.


by Babatunde Olateju


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