Shona Love in Canada: A Zimbabwean Mother's Story At seven and nine, both my kids- Chidiwa and Batani speak fluent English and have a rich vocabulary that would rival that of any 16 year old. I am... Read More
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The Afrosporian - A Poem The Afrosporian Stereotypes deliver their own messages; however, the Afrosporian is unyielding to their enveloping arms, existing beyond the confines... Read More
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Financial Tips for the African Living Abroad How can I create wealth? Let your money work for you; invest in assets that will increase in value as opposed to ones whose value start decreasing... Read More
Sukuma Wiki; Delicious Vegetable Sauce from Kenya This recipe substitutes collard greens for kale which for the most part is easier to find in the produce aisle of any grocery store and more tomatoes... Read More
Thinking of Immigrating? Kodjoe had arrived in Canada, from Accra, Ghana, in December 2011. The flight from Accra, Ghana had taken off on a warm 25ºC blissful day. At the... Read More
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