Ndi-Igbo Celebrates Cultural Day 2014

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The Ndi-Igbo in Edmonton, Alberta, under the auspices of Igbo Cultural Association of Edmonton, popularly known as ICAE, celebrated its 2014 Igbo Cultural Day on Saturday July 19, 2014 at the Northgate Lions Senior Centre.

Members and guests at the event were treated to a sumptuous dinner, potpourri of cultural dances - including an energetic dance display by the Igbo Women of Edmonton (Umuwanyi Igbo). 

The Umuwanyi Igbo, led by Mrs. Irene Brown - ICAE's vice president - entertained the audience with their well-choreographed dance steps. There was also a cross-cultural dance presentation by the Akwa-Ibom dance group led by the indefatigable Aniema Joseph, vice president of the Nigerian Canadian Association of Edmonton. 

In his welcome address, the president of ICAE - Chief William Nwaribe - extolled the virtues of Ndi-Igbo as "... a vibrant, resilient and hardworking people.”

Click to view vibrant pictures from the beautiful event


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