Unveiling Africa Presents "Days of Change"

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Every day from August 2 to August 9, Nigerian teenagers (13 -19) around the world will be able to prove that they are the hope of Nigeria’s transformation and that they are the leaders of today and not tomorrow!

From the comfort of their homes and communities, Nigerian teenagers around the world will be invited via social, traditional and mobile media to complete a series of challenges that range from teaching children in their community to donating their used books, to creating something they can sell for money, to sharing the things they love about Nigeria on social media to taking care of the environment and appreciating their parents by cooking a meal for them amongst other things.

Through the challenges, Nigerian teenagers will grow in their passion for Nigeria, showcase their creativity, grow in self awareness, deepen their relationship with their parents, explore a business idea, economically empower themselves, make a difference in their community, meet new people and more importantly, have fun!

Of critical importance, they will also gain concrete leadership and volunteer experience that they can include in their school, leadership applications and CV. At the end of the campaign, all participants will be issued a certificate of participation.

This program is provided at no cost to Nigerian teenagers around the world. The campaign is for teenagers who aspire to become exceptional Global leaders, entrepreneurs, politicians and want to make a difference in the world starting from their teenage years.

The campaign is a teen centered program as such teenage participants will complete their leadership activities within their communities and report their progress on social media. After completing the assigned task for the day, they will upload a photo of themselves completing the campaign on social media or email it to (daysofchange@unveilingafrica.org). As a reward, Unveiling Africa will be giving out three scholarships of N40, 000 each to three participants.

According to the Executive Director of Unveiling Africa – Chizoba Imoka, the most important goal ofDays of Change is to show Nigerian teenagers they are not too young to lead and create change insociety. She goes on to say, the journey of being a president, exceptional entrepreneur or politician starts from being a transformative teenage citizen and Unveiling Africa is providing that opportunity for young people to begin that journey. For more information about Days of Change and how to sign up, please visit: www.unveilingafrica.org/daysofchange.

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