DJ Slice dishes out hot African Music in Canada


  • Widely recognized as a promoter, producer and musician
  • Presenter of the African Radio Show on 88.5FM

Tau.rai Vi.ri.ri aka DJ Slice

If these attributes apply to you: have a thing for African music, reside in Edmonton and regularly tune into 88.5 FM – you are most likely to have heard his voice as he presents the ‘African Radio show.’

He is Taurai Viriri, whose nom de guerre is ‘DJ Slice.’

A professional long haul equipment operator by occupation, every Sunday – between noon and 1pm – DJ Slice, Edmonton’s rave-making master of the airwaves, churns out songs by musicians from accross Africa on his ‘Africa Show.’

He has been running the show for nearly one year and has come to be known by many Africans resident in the City of Edmonton and the greater Edmonton region.

DJ Slice’s turf is the CJSR studio on the University of Alberta campus in Edmonton. Broadcasting on FM 88.5, CJSR is a volunteer-run campus and community radio station.

Born – as he puts it, ’30 something years ago’ – DJ Slice hails from the Zezuru Shona tribe in Zimbabwe, Southern Africa. He would later move to the US, from where he relocated to Canada in 2006, owing to his perception of the country as a welcoming multicultural nation.

On arrival in Canada, DJ Slice quickly ingratiated himself with the Zimbabwean and African communities by becoming a member of the Zimbabwe Cultural Society of Alberta (ZCUSA).

His love for music led to the inception of the African-Canadian Arts Society – where he is President, musician and producer.

Life outside the Studio

DJ Slice counts his deceased beloved mother, Lucy Imbayarwo, as the individual after whom he modelled his life.

In addition to his appreciation for music, DJ Slice loves football and Joel Osteen’s “Your Best Life Now: 7 Steps to Living at Your Full Potential” is his favourite book. He loves to kick back and enjoy good shows on TV and he considers “Neria", a Zimbabwean movie his favourite yet.

DJ Slice’s love for great music permeates even his leisure hours as he regards the evergreen Oliver ‘Tuku’ Mtukudzi’s as one of the musicians you will find him listening to whenever he needs to de-stress.

When you run into him, the self-effacing DJ Slice may ask you "Zviri Kumbofamba Sei?” – which translates as ‘what’s going on’; it is his own friendly way of introducing the Shona hospitable characteristic to you. Be sure to respond: ‘all is well’, and if that is not the case, his music mix, along with his amiable personality will have you bouncing back in no time.

Dreams for the future

DJ Slice is looking to expand his reach and says, “I am focused on the Radio Show to make sure I keep making it appealing to my listeners and more attractive to a wider audience.” He wants to explore the world beyond his current show’s horizon as he hopes to soon launch an Africa Radio Network/station where every African country will be represented. His goal, in a country where so little is know of his home continent, is to extol the unbelievably powerful virtues of “Africa and Africans.”

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