Babatunde Olateju

Tunde at the Nigerian Students Inauguration Dinner 2014


  • University of Alberta Sadler Scholar in Mechanical Engineering
  • Best Poster in Energy and Environment – Alberta Graduate Conference
  • Professional Development Award  - University of Alberta Graduate Students’ Association
  • Awarded membership of the Golden Key International Honor Society
  • University of Alberta Delegate – International Scholar Laureate Program, Washington DC.
  • Recipient of the Government of Alberta Graduate Citizenship Award 

Baba·tun·de Ola·te·ju -Nigeria

Babatunde, 'Tunde for short, is not your typical engineering student.

If your first impression of an individual lasts long, meeting Tunde, a Nigerian graduate student pursuing a doctoral degree in the Mechanical Engineering department at the University of Alberta, is sure to leave you with a lasting impression. The well-dressed, handsome and very intelligent gentleman has many sides to him, each one as engaging as the other!

Beyond his love for engineering, Tunde's skills in creative writing and social commentary rank with those of professionals in both fields!

Tunde is indeed a social engineer as he combines his love of engineering with his interest in social transformation. It should be of no surprise then that he is currently researching into the 'technological and economic assessment of large scale integrated energy systems, with a particular focus on environmentally friendly hydrogen production' for his doctorate studies at the University of Alberta.

'Foundation of Academic Success'

Before coming to Canada, Tunde obtained his first and second degrees in Engineering in London, England. A student who won several awards throughout his studies, Tunde holds his high school years at A.D.R.A.O International school, Lagos Nigeria, very dear to his heart. He credits his high school as the foundation of his academic success.

Tunde has written on the field of energy economics and also has several journal publications, including a book chapter, to his name.

Apart from purely academic interests, he holds a passion for the service of others. In this regard, he has been involved in a number of student-leadership, volunteering and mentoring projects. His extracurricular passions also include basketball, theatre, creative writing, history, travel, music and fine cuisine.

Tunde (far left) with friends at African Night 2014

Academic Awards

Tunde is the receipient of numerous academic awards, including the University of Alberta Sadler Scholar in Mechanical Engineering, best poster in Energy and Environment at the Alberta Graduate Conference, the University of Alberta Graduate Students Association's  professional development award.

He has also been awarded the membership of the Golden Key International Honor Society and was the University of Alberta delegate to the International Scholar Laureate Program, Washington DC.

Community service

Despite having to devote a substantial part of his time to research in his laboratory at the University of Alberta, Tunde makes out time for community service. Since commencing studies at the university, Tunde has held positions such as the president of the University of Alberta Nigerian Students’ Association. He was past co-president of the University of Alberta Energy Club and also a former graduate student tutor at the University of Alberta Centre for Writers.

Babatunde is committed to effecting positive change in his community and with his contributions thus far, it is safe to say that there is a lot to look forward to. Indeed, Tunde is one African whose star is on the rise!

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Babatunde Olateju
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