Sukuma Wiki; Delicious Vegetable Sauce from Kenya

This recipe substitutes collard greens for kale which for the most part is easier to find in the produce aisle of any grocery store and more tomatoes have been added to give a more juicy spin to the dish.

This meal is widely consumed in Kenya and other east African countries and the name literally translates to "stretch the week." Sukuma wiki is packed with nutrients yet very affrodable and legend has it that when combined with Ugali (corn meal) you are good to go for hours and hours. 


1 bunch of kale substitute for collard greens (chopped)

6 Seeds of tomatoes chopped

One large onion diced

2 medium sized pepper (scotch bonnet) or as desired

1 teaspoon ground ginger

2 cloves of garlic

½ cup vegetable oil

One boullion cube and salt to taste


Put the oil in a pan and when hot, pour in the onions.

Allow the onion to sauté, and then add the ginger and garlic

After about a minute, add the pepper followed by the tomatoes

Allow the tomatoes to cook for about 10 minutes or longer. For this recipe, proceed only after the liquid in the mixture has dried out (you can tell it is dried out when you no longer have large bubbles at the surface)

Add and mix the kale into the tomato sauce and take of the stove no later than 30 seconds after.

Serve with ugali, rice, yam, boiled unripe plantain, boiled potatoes and the list goes on

Not letting the vegetable mixture sit on the stove for long will keep the vegetable looking fresh and also keep the nutrients locked in. Also, the longer the vegetable stays on the pot the more watery the sauce will become.

Tell us how you enjoy your sukuma wiki and do not hesistate to send in your favourite African recipes.

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