What is Afrospora?

It is an online forum where everything African is celebrated. Afrospora aims to enhance the collective profile of Africa and Africans by reporting on the personal achievements, socio-cultural events, and worthy footprints of members of diasporan Africa.

The name 'Afrospora' is loosely coined from 'Africans in diaspora'.

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What subjects does Afrospora cover? 

Afrospora covers a variety of subjects:

  • It interviews African professionals, high achieving secondary and post-secondary students, hard-working artisans and community organizers and writes personality profiles on them in a bid to inspire the next generation of diasporan Africans.
  • It also reports on African social and formal events.
  • It publishes blogs and hosts a 'buy & sell' forum where visitors to the site can advertise or buy items that are for sale. 
  • There is a directory of African service-providers and businesses where visitors can source the contact details of African professionals - lawyers, acountants, doctors, pharmacists - or service-providers (such as auto-mechanics, computer repairers, caterers, hairstylists, seamstresses, etc.).
  • Afrospora's calendar of events publicizes African-themed events for visitors to the site to know about. Send us details of your association picnic, celebration of a milestone (e.g. wedding anniversary, birthday celebrations) other social events, concerts etc. and Afrospora will list them on its calendar of events. 
  • If you just want to relax by scrolling through beautiful photos of guests at an African-themed events, check out the photo gallery which offers a variety of photos taken at African events.
  • Through our gallery of videos, Afrospora presents a refreshing take on many subjects that are of interest to Africans and non-Africans alike. 
  • The 'spotlight' bar on the home page displays shout-outs to your loved ones, greetings to your friends, or important information that demands a wide audience.

Why don't you carry news about Africa?

Afrospora is neither a news gathering nor a news disseminating website in the sense that it is apolitical. Politicians and political parties may advertise with us but we do not report on them or on their political activities.

In the same sense, Afrospora does not express any religious views but is able to host adverts placed by religious groups in order to reach their targetted audience.

Can I place product advert?

Afrospora.com accepts advert placements. Our rates are competitive and our reach is universal.

To place an advert, contact us here or send us an email at: info@afrospora.com and we will send you our advert brochure. We can tailor the advert to your need and budget.

How can I be a part of this wonderful Initiative?

You can contribute by becoming a difference-maker in your community and involving Afrospora in your activities. You can blog on any topic that is of interest to you (provided it is apolitical and secular), send us photos of African-themed events or report on activities in your community. You could win a prize if your work-product is published on Afrospora.com.

The upliftment of Africa and Africans requires a collective effort, and we believe that 'life is to participate, not to spectate.'

Don't sit on the fence, join us. Africa needs us all.




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