Unbelievably Refreshing Drink from Sierra Leone

This ginger drink -'ginger beer' or 'gingerade' as some may call it- is very easy to make yet it is refreshing and packed with some serious health benefits. Looking for something different and exciting this summer? Try your hands on this recipe and let us know what you think.  

What you need

4 large fresh ginger roots

½ a cup lime, lemon or pineapple juice (or preferred quantity)

One tablespoon of cloves (optional)

½ a cup of sugar (or as desired)

4 cups of water



Peel the ginger and cut into small pieces

Throw the pieces into a blender, add some water and grind to a pulp. If you have a mortar and pestle, and prefer to use them, pound away!

Pour the ground ginger into a pot, add the remaining water and bring to a boil.

Take off heat and allow the mixture to sit for at least two hours.

Strain and further dilute to your desired taste. Add sugar, toss in your cloves and refrigerate.

Serve over ice, sit back and enjoy alone, or with some tasty mandazis!


Many of your favourite beverages will taste even better mixed with this drink. Be adventurous and discover something new.

Interesting facts:

This drink is not only refreshing, it is packed with countless health benefits because ginger is the main ingredient. From cold, nausea, joint pain, menstrual pain, flatulence, nasal congestion and so much more, ginger is the go-to remedy. So it just might do well to have this drink as a staple in your home.


Do you have a different way of making this drink or do you have other traditional recipes that you would like to share? Drop us a line or send an email to info@afrospora.com.

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